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Functional medicine uses science-backed treatments that find the root cause of your symptoms, address chronic illness, and put you on a path to healing.

The result? Comprehensive, personalized care just for you.

Get back to the you before your illness
Get back to the you before your illness

Your symptoms aren’t the whole story.

Auto-immune conditions or inflammation flaring up? Suffering from chronic illness or anxiety? Do you know you’re sick but nobody can help? This is what we specialize in. A symptom is just a clue. We dive deep to understand the root cause of any illness and attack it at the source.

Spending time with our
patients… a wild approach

This might feel a bit different.

The average practice spends 7 minutes with each patient but complex problems can’t be solved that quickly. Functional medicine provides holistic care by cause, not symptom. It starts with your DNA and understanding where you are in your health journey. From there, our system-wide health assessment will isolate trouble spots in your blood work, areas of need for further scans and tests, and result in a personalized treatment program.

Patients Say

What Patients Say

I have been a patient at CLAVA Health for several months now, and I am blown away by the level of care and attention I have received from Dr. Arnold and his team. They take a comprehensive approach to health and wellness. The IV therapy and hyperbaric treatment are a fantastic added bonus. I would highly recommend CLAVA to anyone looking to improve their overall health!
Sara S.
I’ve had chronic fatigue and brain fog for years. Dr. Arnold was able to quickly isolate a few deficiencies I needed to fix. It was unbelievable how quickly I felt 100% better.
Rob T.
After suffering an injury from a car accident, I was struggling to heal. I started hyperbaric treatments at CLAVA and after 3 sessions, my pain was almost gone.
James D.
I was starting to feel sick and run down. I’ve had IV infusions before, but CLAVA’s formulations made me feel amazing. I immediately felt better, and my energy was ūüíĮ
Chris A.
I had the best experience at CLAVA. Once we ran my assessment, we discovered a few deficiencies my primary doc wouldn’t even test for. I’m feeling like I’m back to the old me!
Amber C.
I have been a patient of Dr. Arnold’s for a few months now, and I can’t say enough good things about him. He is incredibly knowledgeable and professional, and he takes the time to truly listen to my concerns and offer personalized treatment plans. I have seen tremendous improvements in my health and well-being since starting treatment with him, and I am so grateful for his help.
Paul M.

Our Services

Feeling off? Struggling with symptoms? Our precision assessment will get to know the WHOLE you and put you on a path to healing. Move past the dead-end, standard of care treatments. Let us solve your personal health puzzle.
Even if you eat healthy and exercise, most of us are deficient in a number of things. We start with your DNA, layer in comprehensive testing and create a unique formula, just for you. An off-the-shelf multivitamin is so 2020.
Let’s add life to your years. From injury, surgery, and cancer recovery to hormonal therapy and wellness treatments… We use cutting-edge science you won’t find at your average practice.
Need an energy boost? Starting to feel sick? Want to hack your longevity? Boost your fat burning and metabolism? We have an IV treatment for that. Lounge in a private room, watch Netflix, and get back in the driver seat of feeling your best.

Can’t get away?
See the doc from home.

Can’t get away?
See the doc from home.

Telehealth Virtual Visit

Is it tough to free up your time for a visit? Don’t live near our flagship practice location? No problem. Our telehealth option is perfect for you. Health assessments, prescription refills, symptom evaluation… it’s all possible wherever you are.


Prevention Is The
New Emergency

“After 25 years of treating patients in the emergency room, I realized the system was broken. We aren’t taught to prevent a health crisis… but to respond to one. A precision-based, functional medicine approach can arm you with the tools you need to stay out of the ER and get the most out of your life.

This was the genesis of CLAVA Health. We start by addressing the root cause of your immediate illness. From there, we develop a comprehensive strategy to integrate your physical, mental, and emotional wellness into a personalized plan, just for you.”

Founder, CEO

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